Mhitraa Engineering was founded in 1988, by Mr. S. Krishnaswamy along with Managerial Professionals with wide experience in leading industries. Mhitraa became a Private Limited Company in 1990. Presently, the company is being headed and managed by Mr. C. Badrinarayan, Managing Director, an Industrial Engineering Graduate with wide industrial experience.

The organization today has an exhaustive product range backed by superior quality, design, performance, user-friendly features and 'after-sales' support.

'Quest for the best' has been the motto of the strong inhouse team of Mhitraa. Mhitraa believes in continuous improvement.The Mhitraa products, innovatively designed and industry-specific, reflect Mhitraa's ability to adapt itself to the rapidly changing market scenario through continuous upgradation of technology.

Mhitraa's infrastructure, equipment and human resources have made Mhitraa the natural choice of any industry looking for reliable, integrated cleaning solutions.

The company has supplied over 500 Special Purpose, Custom Built, State of the Art, Cost Effective, cleaning machines with high quality, automation and also catering to stringent cleanliness levels, specified by the customers, with repeatability and reliability


  • Rotary Machines
  • Conveyorised Machines
    • Through Feed conveyor
    • Linear Indexing conveyor with auto return mechanism
  • Custom Built Machines
    • Multistage Walking Beam transfer type cleaning machines
    • CNC servo control machine for high pressure solvent spray
  • For cleaning of
    • Multi Cylinder Block
    • Multi Cylinder Heads
    • Crankshafts
    • Camshafts
    • Gears, Shafts, Housings etc.

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