ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL completely innovated its key products. Horizontal boring machine SKODA represents a new line of heavy pinolových horizontal milling type of HCW, which represent the company's "core business". This is the number of stem diameters in the range 150-300 mm, with spindle speeds in the range of 1600-3000 per min as the output power from 60 to 130 kW.

Severe number of horizontal milling adds a lighter set of horizontal milling machines type FCW with spindle diameter 140 and 150 mm, with a speed of 3000 min for a main engine power 40 kW. Horizontková workstation can be equipped with rotary tables type TDV with capacities from 25 to 400 the number of different milling and boring heads and other accessories. In the field of heavy lathes damages resulting new modular series with the designation SR. This allows turning workpiece diameter from 1000 mm to 5200 mm diameter and weighing 16 to 350 T. In all cases it is the Modular series, allowing to quickly respond to customer needs and also allow the construction of specialized departments such as for the treatment of turbine rotor, rotors of steam turbines, heavy crankshafts and other heavy and demanding shaped workpieces.

The company also systematically created the conditions for the continuous improvement of reliability and productivity of previously produced by machinery overhauls and modernization and offers the implementation of these repairs and modernization within the range according to customer needs.Technological capabilities are expanded supply of modern equipment.


  • HCW 2000 (Horizontal milling and boring machine).
  • FCW 140

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