1856: Karel Jockel establishes the manufactory for manufacturing of working machines.

1913:  Otakar Podhajský establishes workshop in Praha Hostivař for production of A/C equipments, office furniture and later plane grinders

1919: Jiří Kameníček purchases the workshop of Karl Jockel and moves it from Královské Vinohrady to Praha Hostivař. The company focuses to manufacturing of working machines, turning machines, drilling machines and later it produces centre and centre-less grinding machines.

1950: Companies Podhajský and Kameníček were joined and it subsequently originates in specialised manufacturer for production of grinding machines TOS Hostivař, n.p.

1974:  TOS Hostivař, n.p. moves to new plant and it becomes the leading manufacturer of grinding machines for Eastern Europe.

1996:  Basic structural changes were launched and company CETOS, a.s. is established and gained Lloyd certificate ISO 9001; it completely modernises technology for manufacturing of CNC grinding machines

1910:  Josef Volman produces in Čelákovice the working machines, particularly turning machines and drilling machines.

1925: In expanded plant there launches production of specialized turning machines, so far exclusively imported from abroad; both range of working machines, and the company size is expanded.

1950: Joining of plants in Čelákovice and Žebrák generated specialised manufacturer TOS Čelákovice, n.p. for production of turning machines, drilling machines and tooth-making machines.

1992: TOS Čelákovice a.s. is established and it further produces actual range of working machines with ISO certification.

2004: Implementation into company CETOS, a.s. based in Praha Hostivař

2006: TOS, a.s.,  Develops tradition of manufacturing of working machines launched 152 year ago by Mr. Jockl, further Mr. Kameníček, Podhajský and Volman and successfully developed by companies TOS Hostivař, CETOS and TOS Čelákovice. After relocation we are established in modern plant in Čelákovice. The development and manufacturing of working machines under trademark TOS continues and the machines are successfully supplied throughout the world.