SIS is a specialized company for automation equipments. Since its start of business with a system project in 2004, SIS has been developing new technologies for systems that will lead the new millennium though cooperate with leading overseas companies to be a competent global leader in the level of technology and quality.

Even now, we are giving our very best to develop new technologies with the customer satisfaction being our first priority.

The equipment full automates the arc welding process that has been manually performed so far using industrial robot. The facility is being applied in various areas such as automotive, railroad, shipbuilding etc.

Using robot with excellent precision the facility helps you increase the quality and productivity and dramatically enhance the safety and environment. Based on technology and price competitiveness, the product draws affection and recognition by a lot of customers in the domestic automotive makers and overseas railroad vehicle makers. Using rectangular robot (Gantry Robot) and articulated robot, automation line between press is provided.

We configure the optimal system that fits the field conditions and enable the best effect such as production time reduction, process enhancement, productivity improvement, working condition improvement etc.

SIS can directly manufacture and deliver various laser processing components used by the original manufacturers and prototype manufacturers using own laser welding, cutting, and hybrid system.

Based on accumulated know-how in the manufacturing of laser processing facilities so far, we have a production structure that can quickly react to the customer requirements through own production of processing components in high quality and productivity.