In 1944 the company Construzioni Meccaniche Amedeo Tajariol employed more than 150 workers in three shifts produced lathes "Littore" that were installed in military vehicles. The race was the same year in one night destroyed by bombing and Amedeo Tajariol had after the war's start the business again from scratch. The newly formed company Tajariol Macchine Utensili , now known as TAJMAC-MTM , rescuing equipment from factories destroyed during the war, the repasovala and then sold to companies throughout Italy. The company is very quickly specialized in the reconstruction and sale of automatic lathes.Andrea Tajariol son joined the company in 1968 and significantly expanded the scope of their activities. Negotiate directly with foreign suppliers and the company TAJMAC-MTM has become the Italian distributor of multi-spindle automatic two leading manufacturers of that time, the company DAVENPORT and WICKMAN. The need to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the market has forced management to transform the decision of retailers to designers and manufacturers of multi-spindle machines.The Group is expanding the company WICKMAN , Money (now TAJMAC-FRANCE ), in 2000 the Czech company ZPS (nowTAJMAC-ZPS ) and the company ZPS-SLÉVÁRNA , ZPS-GO , ZPS-TRANSPORT and TECNIMETAL CZ . In Germany based company TAJMAC-MSW in the USA by ZPS-CNC USA . Other acquisitions in 2006, the French company MANURHIN K'MX . The newest member of the company ZPS AMERICA .

Determination to establish close and mutually beneficial relationships with customers led to the creation of a network of sales representatives and exclusive distributors, which now expands to the whole world. In some countries (France, Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic) is a distribution company subsidiary of TAJMAC. All branches, distributors and sales agents work the same way as TAJMAC-MTM - offering advice and stay in touch with customers not only before but also after buying the machine, providing immediate service and supply of spare parts and provide customers with the latest technological information.


Vertical machining center

  • MCFV 1050 : Machining center MCFV 1050 is a representative of the classical vertical milling center with modern design solution with linear guides in all axes and digital feed drives. It has three mutually perpendicular, continuously controlled axes. The machine comes in several versions that differ controllers and used feed drives and spindle.
  • MCFV 1060 : Production vertical machining center MCFV 1060 covers a wide range of technologies from power after high-speed machining. The machine consists of two stationary castings - a base mounted on the stand. All machine movements are implemented through linear guide with rolling elements.

Gantry machining center

  • MCV 1210 : Gantry machining center MCV 1210 is a highly productive machine with wide application in machining complex spatial shapes in three or five axes. Due to the high dynamics, very high stiffness and damping properties of the construction machine allows you to take advantage of HSC technology. Upper gantry type machine spindle is stored in the motor spindle unit built into the contact strips. All machine movements are realized through linear guides with rolling elements. The transducer position in X, Y, Z is done directly absolute measuring units.
  • MCV 1220 : Gantry machining center MCV 1220 Vertical milling center upper gantry type with two separate, removable tables or one fixed and one rotating table in the joint, or split the work area. Vertical machining center is designed mainly in tool-making, focusing on the application of treatment of flat or box-shaped steel, cast iron, light alloys and titanium. Due to the high dynamics, very high stiffness and damping properties of the construction machine allows you to take advantage of HSC technology.